Victory Electronic Cigarettes (VECC), through its subsidiary VAPESTICK, has entered into a deal to supply a wide range of its vaping products to UK’s Bargain Booze and Wine Rack retail outlets.

Under the deal, VAPESTICK will supply disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes and a variety of refills at Bargain Booze and Wine Rack, which are owned by Conviviality Retail.

The move by VAPESTICK, which is a major electronic cigarette brand in the UK, was the result of increased consumer awareness and demand for the VAPESTICK brand, following the recent successful launch of a nationwide marketing campaign for its brands.

Launched in 1988, Bargain Booze has over 600 franchisee-operated stores throughout England and Wales, Wine Rack has 22 stores in the Greater London area and offers wine, spirits, tobacco and related products.

The expansion of VAPESTICK at Wine Rack and Bargain Booze outlets will allow VAPESTICK products to be more readily available to consumers throughout the UK and also enhance the brand’s presence.

Conviviality Retail buying director Jason Minnery said the VAPESTICK brand has been on their radar for some time now, with increasing feedback from stores that customers are requesting VAPESTICK products.

"The nationwide marketing campaign has been a very effective trigger for us, and combined with their in-store promotional support, we are very excited to offer and promote VAPESTICK® products throughout the group. Our plan is to become a destination of choice for consumers increasing gravitating towards VAPESTICK®, one of their new preferred brands," Minnery added.

VAPESTICK co-founder and Victory international president Michael Clapper said they are pleased to see their supercharged marketing efforts having the desired impact so quickly.

"To be given the opportunity to supply such well-respected stores such as Bargain Booze and Wine Rack allows the immediate and extensive expansion of the VAPESTICK® retail footprint across the UK, further enhancing availability, and supporting our on-going marketing activities," Clapper added.