Walmart has outlined plans to expand its presence in China by opening 110 new stores across the country to make its business more profitable. These store openings are in addition to the 30 stores it opened this year.

Under the plan, the retail giant will open supercenters and Sam’s Clubs as well as remodel existing stores. The proposed stores will be based in smaller cities across China.

The retailer reiterated that it wants to reverse its falling shopper numbers in China with new stores openings, stock more imported food, and centralise distribution to ensure fresher produce.

Presently, the American retailer operates 400 stores in the country.

Walmart’s China chief executive Greg Foran said the most important area for them in China initially is to get the company’s fresh departments running the way it need them to operate for its customers.

"I see too many of our customers having to inspect our product," Foran added.

Meanwhile, the retailer has announced that it is also looking to close 15 to 30 underperforming stores in the next three years.

The US retailer, which is facing a series of regulatory and infrastructure problems across its emerging markets business, has witnessed a marginal slump in its own sales growth over the past 18 months. It recently ended the partnership deal with its Indian partner, Bharati Walmart while it is facing charges of bribery in Mexico.