US retail major Wal-Mart continues to face worker trouble as associates in the country were joined by their global counterparts in staging protests against the companies policies.

As OUR Wal-Mart led protestors marched up a store in Miami hundreds others in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Zambia and India led similar rallies to register their protest against the retailer’s attempts to silence its associates.

Commenting on the protests OUR Walmart member from the Hialeah store in Miami Gardens Elaine Rozie said that the workers stood up for each other and sought a right to speak out.

"As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart should be setting a standard for good, safe jobs.

"The benefits of having steady, well-trained workers in stores and along the supply chain will help Walmart improve customer service ratings and its reputation, which is good business," said Rozie.

A Wal-Mart associate from South Africa added, "We are inspired by OUR Walmart members who are standing up for a better future for all of our families.

"We are will continue to stand up with our brothers and sisters in the United States until Walmart starts listening to the workers that keep the store running."

The workers also held a moment of silence to the honor the 112 victims of the Bangladesh fire accident in November 2012.