Furniture retailer AFF deploys Enspire Commerce software

US-based retailer American Freight Furniture (AFF) has deployed Enspire Commerce’s Unified Commerce Platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve customer engagement.

AFF is utilising several Enspire Commerce business process objects and its multi-enterprise integration framework to implement its unified commerce strategy across its 145 stores.

As part of the deal, Enspire Commerce’s fixed station and mobile point-of-sale (POS/mPOS), order management (OMS), product information management (PIM), and omnichannel fulfillment execution were deployed.

According to Enspire, its POS and OMS solutions can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, resulting in improvement of financial data integrity, controls and compliance.

"We selected the Enspire Commerce platform to deliver customer-centric commerce and meet our business objectives."

AFF chief operating officer Jim Brownell said: “After spending a considerable amount of time reviewing solution options, we selected the Enspire Commerce platform to deliver customer-centric commerce and meet our business objectives.

 “There are very few solution providers that can bring a wealth of knowledge and consulting experience in retail, digital commerce and brick-and-mortar that also provide an integrated platform to manage ‘order to cash’ and ‘procure to pay’ across all channels.”

Enspire Commerce also upgraded AFF’s current website onto Magento 2.0 to enable a single view of all customers, items and orders across all selling and marketing channels.

Enspire Commerce CEO Jim Barnes said: “The Enspire Commerce Cloud-based platform will allow American Freight to easily scale as it adds store locations, but more importantly, enables American Freight to deliver customised shopping experiences and optimal customer service across channels for improved brand loyalty, competitive advantage and profitability.”

American Freight Furniture’s product offering includes upholstered furniture, dining and kitchen suites and traditional and foam mattresses.