Axis Communications launches two new products for retailers

Swedish network video supplier Axis Communications has introduced two new products that are expected to support its retail customers by providing intelligence and drive revenue growth.

The launch of the new solutions follows after the company successfully integrated its network cameras, audio, and access control products with applications by Cognimatics, which was acquired by Axis Communications last year.

Marketed under the Axis brand, the new products will offer store optimisation solutions for customer understanding and revenue growth and loss prevention solutions to prevent theft.

Axis Communications retail business development manager Hedgie Bartol said: “When Axis acquired Cognimatics back in 2016, I knew that our technologies would create a strong portfolio for our retail customers."

In the store optimisation solution, Axis’ network cameras and audio products are combined with business intelligence and analytics software for accuracy in people counting, store occupancy estimation, queue monitoring, and age and gender detection.

These insights will be available in the form of reports, which are hosted in the cloud and can be accessed through desktop and mobile applications.

"I knew that our technologies would create a strong portfolio for our retail customers."

As well as enriching the customer experience, the solution increases sales opportunities through dynamic staffing levels, sales display information and in-store announcements.

The loss prevention solution also uses analytics software that works in tandem with Axis’ network cameras, access controllers and video door stations to highlight issues in real-time and enable immediate action.