Deals this week: Transformational Retail Technologies, TVPage, Flipkart Online Services

Transformational Retail Technologies and Recoleta Partners have partnered to personalise and digitally distribute promotions to retailers.

The services are expected to help improve retail sales by distributing promotions according to a shopper’s preferences.

Recoleta’s Cognitive Retail Platform will be sold by Transformational Retail Technologies as part of the partnership.

Incorporating cloud-based software, the platform uses big data analytics and a digitally driven omnichannel shopper engagement platform.

"The investment is expected to help Flipkart to further strengthen its balance sheet."

Both the companies involved in the partnership are based in the US.

TVPage and SLI Systems have partnered to launch solutions to provide improved video search results on retail websites.

TVPage is a cloud-based video technologies provider, while SLI Systems supplies search-based technologies.

The integrated search solution will enable online retailers to find relevant videos.

TVPage is based in the US, while SLI Systems is based in New Zealand.

SoftBank Vision Fund has invested in Indian e-commerce company Flipkart Online Services.

Comprising a combination of primary and secondary capital. the investment is expected to help Flipkart to further strengthen its balance sheet.

Managed by a subsidiary of SoftBank Group, SoftBank Vision Fund is a private equity fund based in the UK.