Spin Master completes acquisition of games retailer Marbles

Children's entertainment company Spin Master has acquired Marbles, a developer and retailer that specialises in brain-building games, gifts and gadgets for all ages.

This acquisition is set to further enhance Spin Master’s presence in the games and puzzles category.

Known for its portfolio of brain training games, Marbles was launched as a kiosk in a Chicago-area mall in 2008. It has grown into a 40-store retailer, e-commerce, catalog and product business.

Each game by Marbles is examined by a panel of brain-health experts to ensure the brand is building products with the brain in mind.

This latest acquisition move from Spin Master comes after the purchase of Cardinal Industries in 2015, and Editrice Giochi last year.

Spin Master president and COO Ben Gadbois said: "The acquisition of Marbles further demonstrates our commitment to the games category, as well as our consistent efforts to support our key growth strategies to selectively buy assets, such as Marbles, that will create future value for our shareholders.

"We look forward to growing with Spin Master and getting our products into the hands and brains of more people who will love them."

"We continue to drive value through strategic acquisitions and leverage scale internationally using Spin Master's global sales and distribution infrastructure."

Spin Master co-CEO and co-founder Anton Rabie said: "As soon as we heard of the Marbles opportunity, we knew we had to jump on it.

“We saw immediate potential for global growth with strong, evergreen titles such as Marbles' marquee games, Otrio and Rock Me Archimedes."

Marbles co-founder Scott Brown said: "The Marbles mission has always been to build better brains through play.

"We look forward to growing with Spin Master and getting our products into the hands and brains of more people who will love them."

Marbles' assets were sold through a sale process that was approved by bankruptcy court, which include its warehoused inventory, all of its proprietary and licensed games, as well as the Marbles name and website.

This sale, however, did not include any of Marbles' retail assets.

Spin Master made the initial bid for the assets, and subsequently emerged as the successful bidder at the conclusion of the sale process on 24 April.

The court overseeing the Marbles bankruptcy case approved the sale to Spin Master on 26 April.

Spin Master closed the acquisition of the Marbles assets on 28 April.

Marbles co-founder and chief merchant Scott Brown will join Spin Master.