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Tesco’s World Cup Whoosh push could make it a competitor in the Q-commerce market

As inflation has caused a cost-of-living crisis in the UK, consumer spending habits have changed significantly.

UK’s latest avian flu outbreak may propel investments in plant-based egg innovations

For some time now, consumers have been increasing their appetite for vegan and plant-based products.

Pet ‘cosmetics’ are redefined as UK Millennials dote on their fluffy friends

Similarly to what we have seen in the cosmetics and personal care industry, pet care is also becoming more specialised.

Consumer goods companies underestimate the importance of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has not yet been incorporated sufficiently into the corporate strategies of most consumer goods companies.

Unilever to ‘warm up’ its freezers to cool down the planet and spark industry change

The drive for Unilever to become more sustainable is aligned with heightened consumer demand for more environmentally friendly products and services.

Supermarket loyalty schemes are crucial for consumer retention in turbulent times

As inflation begins to bite, targeted savings and personalised offers are in, and free newspapers and traditional point collecting are on their way out.

Investing in online grocery shopping is paying off despite some resistance in Europe

Free Report What’s the forecast for the food and grocery industry? The food and grocery sector thrived during the pandemic,…

Milliways’ plastic-free gum meets eco concerns with return to traditional ingredients

Milliways central focus is on developing and offering environmentally conscious consumers sustainable alternatives to mainstream gum.

Food shortages induced by China’s zero-Covid strategy sees return to panic buying

With supply disruptions and shortages challenging citizens everyday lives, consumer sentiment is dampened, leading to a return to stockpiling essential goods.