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Elizabeth Cooke

Elizabeth Cooke is a trainee reporter, specialising in thematic intelligence. She graduated with a degree in French and Philosophy from Oxford University in 2022.

Signal: TikTok Shop relaunches in Indonesia, shows early promise for retail brands in Q3

As TikTok Shop makes a comeback in Indonesia, retail giants such as Revolve are reporting early success on the social commerce platform in Q3.

Signal: E.Leclerc CEO calls for greater transparency on profit margins

Edouard Leclerc has called for greater margin transparency while a law to limit profit margins has been narrowly blocked.

Signal: What has driven Abercrombie & Fitch’s Q3 success?

A&F’s brand glow-up, better performing supply chains, and reduced inventories continue to drive record sales increases.

Signal: Amazon strengthens as market weakens, with cost-cutting and renewed shopper focus

Cost optimisations, including extensive layoffs, slower hiring rates, and logistics “regionalisation”, have helped to boost Amazon’s operating margin from 2% to 7.8%.

Signal: Why is Asos, the one-time darling of fast fashion, floundering?

Beset by a bloated inventory, Shein’s market encroachment and inflationary pressures, Asos is fighting to return to profitability.

Signal: TikTok Shop’s disruptive impact on e-commerce starts to take shape

The rapid ascent of TikTok Shop is worrying e-commerce competitors as well as government regulators.

Signal: will new weight loss drugs hurt or help retail sales?

New GLP-1 weight loss drugs may have the power to reshape industries, with impacts being reported by Walmart and Kroger.

Signal: How festive will the festive period be for UK retailers?

Retailers highlight early sales of seasonal items, but volume sales growth is expected to be negative in Q4 2023.

Signal: Chinese start-up Temu chips away at Amazon’s market share

Temu’s user numbers skyrocket, while Amazon’s traffic declines. How worried should Amazon’s executives be?

Aptos GM: “Omnichannel focus has turned toward practicality, profitability”

Zaki Hassan discusses the changing face of omnichannel investment, customer loyalty and how tech can build retailers’ resilience.