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Cybersecurity experts: These threats will keep CEOs across all sectors on their toes in 2022

To gauge the cybersecurity landscape in 2022, businesses first need to assess the major attacks which befell various companies this past year.

It ain’t all about AI: Looking at the biggest tech themes of 2021

While AI loomed large, there were plenty of other top tech themes in 2021 keeping CEOs up at night.

Essential retail cybersecurity predictions to retain customers in 2022

Hunting the unicorns: GlobalData IPO predictions for 2022

10 tech unicorns that are likely going enjoy a headline-making IPO in 2022, following GlobalData’s predictions.

Trying to do business with your customers, securely, online? This metaverse security CEO might know something

It’s been a big year for Arkose Labs, the account security brand of choice for metaverse leaders such as Minecraft and Roblox, as its CEO explains.

If the UK is to escape cheap labour using automation, it’ll need more than just Ocado robots

The robotics industry was worth $45.3bn in 2020. Where does UK automation fit into this picture? And what part does Ocado have to play for the industry?

Sights, style and space: The biggest M&A deals show a world reopen for business

2021s third financial quarter (Q3) saw global M&A deal value drop slightly, with the biggest M&A deals recorded for the apparel sector.

Covariant CEO on the company’s unicorn sauce: A computer vision AI brain that really works

Covariant powers industrial, universal robots with an AI brain that’s bringing the unicorn closer to IPO. CEO Peter Chen reveals all.