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Amazon UK sales growth sinks to lowest ever level

Shoppers are buying less stuff, but they are spending more overall, due to rising prices.

Asda’s foray into convenience channel will help it weather the UK’s cost-of-living storm

Asda is aiming at the convenience channel market, a move that will increase its presence in the UK convenience market industry.

Hard slog ahead for Sephora as it re-enters the UK market

The beauty retailer will have stiff competition from established UK players with improved propositions.

Retail is set to modernise drastically in 2030

How customers engage with retail stores has already shifted to an online model.

Dry gardening could be lifeline for retailers in cost-of-living crisis

Cost-effective dry gardening should be highlighted by retailers as a solution to hosepipe bans and inflation.

Discounters are a rising threat to UK health & beauty market leaders, Boots and Tesco

The low prices at the discount grocers continue to draw in more consumers for their food shops but there is also growing momentum for their strong health and beauty ranges.

Prioritising value will improve rapid delivery loyalty and customer acquisition

The rapid delivery channel is an expensive channel for consumers, both in terms of product and delivery cost.

Retailers should refrain from introducing online return fees to keep customer loyalty

68.6% of UK consumers would change their shopping habits if a retailer they shop at regularly were to introduce additional fees.

Asia Bird’s Nest targets busy millennials with Wellnest superfood drink sachets

The drink is claimed to contain ‘superfood’ ingredients, such as bird’s nest extract, aronia berry, and 6-year-old Korean red ginseng.

Denmark to introduce voluntary climate labelling ahead of a planned EU-wide roll out

The announcement of climate labelling on food appears to be a conscious directive to instil social responsibility at the heart of Danish consumption.