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AO must focus on delivery, range and awareness to gain younger consumers

AO must promote and improve its ranges in categories with the highest relative penetration among 16 to 34-year-olds

Black Friday 2023 fails to turn the tide for lacklustre online sales

The decline in the proportion of spending online was felt most in the clothing and footwear category.

Grocers must promote value and convenience of online delivery this Christmas

The UK online food and grocery market has fallen short of post-pandemic expectations.

Early Christmas purchases lag as financial concerns delay spending

There are key difference for the reasons why consumers intend to start their Christmas shopping later this year.

What we can learn from meal replacement company Soylent

The success of Soylent led to a wave of innovation in how companies approached meal preparation and consumption.

Loss of top marketeer creates challenges for Tesco

Bellini’s departure leaves a big hole in Tesco’s leadership team that CEO Ken Murphy will be keen to fill quickly.

Consumers unconvinced that ChatGPT can make retailer chatbots useful

Retailers will also need to carefully consider what decision-making authority they can allow such bots.

DIY retailers are yet to build on the local store, which has benefitted food & grocery retailers

Despite the growth in popularity of ‘local stores’ for food and grocery retailers, DIY retailers have been slow to take advantage of this shift.

The UK government’s food price cap is based on hallucinations of “greedflation”

For these accusations to be true, we would have seen a sharp uptick in supermarket profits by now, but profits are falling.