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Easter spending in the UK to reach £1.7bn in 2022

38.0% of UK consumers stated that they expect to spend more on Easter this year compared to 2019, according to GlobalData Retail’s Easter Intentions survey.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will have far-reaching consequences for European retail

Retail in both Ukraine and Russia will be hit hard by the impact of this conflict, though by very different means.

John Lewis kills off price promise, but identity crisis looms

John Lewis’s NKU message has been dying a very slow death.

Boots buyers beware: significant store investment needed for long term success

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UK inflation hits 5.4%, pushing consumers towards a return to stockpiling and bulk buying

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B&M thrives through Omicron despite lack of e-commerce

Despite the lack of a transactional e-presence, B&M has shown strong performance rates.

Retail fashion trends: Shopping the most mentioned term in Twitter in Q4 2021

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Poundland Group’s foray into e-commerce will help reduce reliance on stores

The lack of a transactional website during the pandemic led Poundland fascia to trial a transactional website in the UK.

Pets at Home strengthens its position as leading UK pet retailer

Pets at Home experience heightened demand in response to a rise in pet ownership and expect to see a large increase in profit.