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Future of servers, storage and networks: Ten companies predicted to succeed

Google parent Alphabet, Intel and Amazon are the three IT companies best placed to succeed in the servers, storage and networking equipment sector, according to exclusive theme-based analysis.

Amazon moves from strength to strength in the UK

Amazon grew its UK revenue by 23.3% in 2018.

Beauty companies turn to technology for greater market share

Major beauty brands are investing in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning in a bid to cater to the growing demand for “smarter” and tech-validated beauty solutions.

Home router security is a ticking time bomb

Ideally, a router should “know” what kind of device is attached to it, and allow or block traffic to and from it, based on the kind of device, without user intervention – but very few routers do this today.

Online retailers brace for hard Brexit

Spare a thought for online retailers who face their own set of uncertainties from a hard Brexit scenario.

Cable says forget 5G, we’ve got 10G broadband

CES 2019 saw the cable industry launch its 10G platform initiative.

How are digital payment solutions transforming smaller retailers?

Smaller retailers, street traders, corner cafes, and cabbies have relied on the cash economy for decades, and could not afford to buy card reader devices or pay the fees associated with processing electronic payments, especially in developing countries.

Toys R Us is to close all of its stores – will other UK retailers follow suit?

This year has started with a range of bad news for retailers in the UK, with many store closures, mass redundancies and profit warnings.