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Creating a personalised shopping experience

To stay relevant and profitable, retailers must focus on offering new and exciting personalised shopping experiences using digital tools.

Green AI: faux sustainability for fast fashion

To bolster their environmental reputation after their sustainability efforts have been deemed performative, many retailers are turning to AI.

How AI fits into the retail and apparel space 

In the retail and apparel sectors, its main impact will be around virtual shopping assistants.

Generative AI – beyond the hype

A recent survey by Verdict Media shows that 73% of respondents either partially or fully understand Generative AI.

The impact of the metaverse on retail and apparel

The metaverse may open new connectivity opportunities and transparency in retail company supply chains.

Luxury brands are using blockchain to enhance the buying process

Blockchain technology’s authenticity is a goldmine for luxury brands grappling with rising volumes of counterfeit products.

Why the AI fashion revolution needs the human touch

AI lacks one essential attribute of human stylists that is often overlooked: empathy.

What are consumer goods companies doing in the metaverse?

Reports show that large consumer goods companies are currently using the metaverse and next-generation technologies to focus on digital marketing campaigns.

The use of robots in retail to promote ESG practices 

Using electric robots for deliveries in urban areas reduces the need for large, polluting delivery trucks, allowing retailers to operate more sustainably and efficiently. 

Retailers must invest in cybersecurity as hackers put them in hot seat

Security breaches remain a significant threat to companies even though many have improved their cybersecurity.