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How live shopping is reshaping retail dynamics  

Steven Hubbard of Sprii delves into the future of retail, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between live shopping and conventional stores.

Sipping on sustainability: the green wave in retail refrigeration 

As demand for chilled drinks rises, Craig Hall, director of V-Tex, addresses the environmental toll of traditional refrigeration methods.

Harrods’ digital odyssey yields valuable insights for retailers

Ed Bradley, CEO at Virtualstock, delves into what retailers in the eCommerce industry can learn from Harrods.

Rising shoplifting threats meet biometric solutions 

Facial recognition, voice authentication, fingerprint, and iris scanning, are reshaping the security landscape in the retail sector.

Festive retail roundup: M&S surges, B&M’s value holds, and savvy shopping

Insights of a retail landscape marked by resilience, budget-conscious choices, and the evolving preferences shaping the industry’s future.

Why Christmas season is the time for retailers to stand out with CGI   

CGI (computer generated imagery) has become a game-changer in the retail industry, writes Tim Morrison from Insite Imagery.

2024’s eco-wave: vegan packaging trends reshape the market

US Packaging & Wrapping CEO Charles Haverfield contends that the 1,610 new vegan products in 2023 indicate a rising demand for sustainable, value-driven, and ethically produced foods.

Managing absenteeism: strategies for retail productivity

Unpacking the ways retail leaders can optimise strategies by prioritising transparency, inclusion, and agile scheduling solutions.

Test automation’s crucial impact on e-commerce profitability

Louise Owen of Roq explores how Quality Engineering and automation drive a 35% increase in retailer conversion rates by identifying and eliminating bugs.

Navigating retail compliance amid the Cyber Monday rush

Carl Wasinger and Jessica Busby from Smart Warehousing discuss the importance of retail compliance for vendors as the holiday spending season approaches.