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Evolving retail workforce management post-pandemic: Fourth

Fourth’s Sebastien Sepierre tells Retail Insight Network about the importance of retailers taking digital transformation in their stride, both front and back of house, and what sort of positive impacts it can have on future business success. 

How retailers can navigate the delivery experience gap: Sorted

Delivery experience site Sorted CEO and founder David Grimes tells Retail Insight Network how retailers can meet customers’ expectations and navigate the delivery experience gap.

What we can learn from Germany’s approach to ecommerce innovation

Cross-platform marketing company Iterable director of marketing, EMEA Elle Nadal tells Retail Insight Network how the onset of the pandemic matured new digital expectations in Germany, and why brands that adapted to ecommerce thrived during lock-down.

Protecting shop workers requires better in-store evidence gathering

Video-technology company Reveal CEO Alastair Field tells Retail Insight Network how retailers can better protect shop workers from abuse and crime through correct evidence gathering.

How retailers can adapt to digital transformation with live video shopping

Live video-shopping company Confer With staff writer Meg Bryant tells Retail Insight Network how retailers can adapt to the changing digital retail landscape by using live video shopping and why it is important to do so.

Will the return to the high street signal a rise in crime and terrorist threat?

Swiss security provider Morphean CEO Rodrigue Zbinden tells Retail Insight Network how the unmet need to better protect customers and retail premises “gives a green light to terrorists and criminal gangs”.

Major retailers face scepticism over sustainability claims

Retailers need to “do more to convince consumers of their concern for the environment” as consumers remain sceptical over sustainability claims, according to a new study conducted by UK-based consumer research agency Impact.

How retailers can win loyalty from ‘convenience-driven’ consumers

Criteo VP of key accounts EMEA Alexander Goesswein tells Retail Insight Network about how the pandemic shaped a modern convenience-driven consumer and how retailers can gain their loyalty.

How AR is becoming the new standard in retail: Poplar Studio

Poplar Studio co-founder and CEO David Ripert tells Retail Insight Network how AR technology can be used to create a retail environment that bridges the gap between digital and physical shopping experiences.

Opinion Piece: Retailers need to recognise the importance of reviews

E-Commerce customer service specialist eDesk CEO Alex Payne tells Retail Insight Network why they believe that online retailers need to put more focus on customer reviews.