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Brexit impact on cybersecurity to be “considerable and immediate” – deal, or no deal

The UK is set for a historic vote today that will determine whether or not we leave the EU with a deal. But no matter the result, the Brexit impact on cybersecurity is set to be significant.

FedEx delivery robot sees courier giant join the last-mile automation race

An autonomous delivery robot has been announced by leading delivery provider FedEx. The FedEx delivery robot will offer same-day, last-mile delivery services to a host of leading brands in the US.

Standalone VR headset Vive Focus Plus announced by HTC Vive

HTC Vive, one of the leaders in consumer virtual reality (VR), has announced the Vive Focus Plus, a standalone VR headset designed for enterprise users.

AI spend hit $219bn in 2018, but most execs wish they’d invested sooner

Global business spending on AI reached $219bn in 2018, however the vast majority of C-suite executives wish they had moved into the space sooner.

Wearables shipments pass 100 million for first time

Despite waning consumer interest, the wearable technology market remains strong, with wearables shipments passing 100 million units in 2018 for the first time.

Heart power harnessed to recharge medical devices

Implantable medical devices are life-changing, but their need for charging can be a problem. However, engineers may have a solution: heart power.

Cryptocurrency-free blockchain launched in ‘world first’

An open source public blockchain has been launched that is operated without a cryptocurrency – a move its creators say is a world first.

Retail robots overwhelmingly rejected by Australian consumers

Just 1% of Australian consumers want to use retail robots and chatbots as part of their shopping experience, despite growing efforts to introduce the technology within the industry.

Next-generation blockchain platform claims to be “world’s fastest and most scalable”

Devv Blockchain is designed to be dramatically more efficient that established blockchain protocols.