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Mohamed joined Global Data after many years of experience in financial journalism. He has previously worked in the US and in France and published in a multitude of business and financial publications over the years.

Mohamed Dabo

North Wales’ 80% vacant shopping centre welcomes new retailer

Bangor has suffered greatly from the retail downturn in recent years, with chain stores exiting the city in large numbers.

Retail sector faces challenges as FTSE 100 rebounds

Retail sales in May fell short of expectations, indicating a cautious consumer environment.

M&S drops milk ‘use-by’ dates to cut waste

By switching to ‘best-before’ dates, the company aims to help customers save money and cut waste by extending milk consumption time.

Chanel signs record retail lease in post-pandemic Hong Kong

The leased space, located right in front of a subway station exit, features an impressive facade on what was once considered the world’s priciest shopping street.

John Lewis unveils UK sourced leather for durable furniture

For their own-range sofas and chairs, the high-end department stores will source leather solely from higher welfare farms that supply Waitrose beef.

Retail jobs in the US grew in May

The overall US labour market exceeded expectations, adding 339,000 jobs despite challenges in some sectors.

Buy Buy Baby attracts interest amid Bed Bath & Beyond’s bankruptcy

Buy Buy Baby, the subsidiary of struggling retailer Bed Bath & Beyond, may survive the company’s bankruptcy as potential bidders show interest in acquiring it.

US retailers face backlash over LGBTQ+ celebrations

There is a concerted effort in the US, led mainly by conservative Christians, to punish businesses that embrace the LGBTQ+ community.

Consumers cut back on restaurant visits as inflation soars 

A new report has found that consumers are more likely to curtail their restaurant visits than trade down to fight inflation.

JPMorgan downgrades Target over growing concerns

Downgrade impacts Target’s stock, investor confidence, and market perception, prompting proactive measures for sustained growth.