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How can knife makers win a bigger slice of market share in 2024?

Alleima’s new blade category brings Damascus steel to the retail knife market for the first time.

Electric shaving: will your brand cut it in this high-growth market?

Quality of steel will be key to winning in the electric shaving and styling market in 2024

Next-generation compressor-valve steel set to make huge impact in white goods market

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their energy usage. As the energy efficiency of white goods plays a factor in this, could innovative materials such as fatigue-resistant compressor-valve steel be key to achieving the top grade?

Why martensitic stainless steels are the cutting edge of razor blade metal

Stainless steel is consistently the metal of choice for razor blade manufacturing, but how are alloy experts fine-tuning materials to ensure that blades offer the best performance?

People at the heart: how Honeyville puts the frontline first

Redzone’s ‘Plant of the Year’ award was presented to Honeyville, a family-owned leader in food ingredient manufacturing. Nathan Hyde, Chief Operating Officer at Honeyville, explains why people are always central to its decision-making and how Redzone’s technology has directly impacted productivity and helped its frontline workforce.

Data analysis in the brave new world

The phrase “to have at your fingertips” is one we hear so much, it’s almost lost its meaning. But for data analytics company, Signals Analytics, providing real-time, data that’s analysable in dozens of different configurations – that’s literally their raison d’être.