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Concerns over the spread of COVID-19 declining since June: Poll

Fear of COVID-19 community transmission has been causing anxiety among the public as well as governments.

Few employees want to return to office full-time when lockdowns are eased: Poll

Remote working or working from home has become the new norm during the COVID-19 times which call for maintaining physical distancing and complying with lockdown measures to curb disease spread.

Coronavirus in South Korea: COVID-19 outbreak, measures and impact

Neighbouring two coronavirus-affected countries China and Japan, South Korea is among the top ten countries with coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus: COVID-19 UK outbreak, measures and impact

The UK confirmed its first 2019-nCoV (now COVID-19) infection case, following France and Germany, on 31 January 2020 and has since then been witnessing an increase in the coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus in Singapore: COVID-19 measures and impact

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19, earlier 2019-nCov) that originated in China has spread to Singapore and is a major concern to its economy in 2020.