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Watch: How IBM’s hyper-realistic Cyber Tactical Operations Center is simulating cyberattacks

Information technology giant IBM has a novel approach to improving an organisation’s response to a cyberattack: a state-of-the-art cyber watch floor located in an 18-wheel truck.

Child-tracking smartwatch recall shows why IoT security shouldn’t be an afterthought

The EU has recalled a smartwatch over concerns that a security flaw could let a malicious user locate children wearing the watch, highlighting the danger of manufacturers rushing internet-connected devices to market without paying due diligence to IoT security.

Most Brits would feel unsafe in a self-driving car – here’s how to change that

As the self-driving car revolution chugs along, it appears that the British public isn’t quite ready to take things into second gear.

RPA adoption strong among US medium-sized businesses, survey says

Robotic process automation (RPA) continues to see robust adoption among medium-sized businesses in the US, according to a survey by RPA provider Softomotive.

IBM & MineHub blockchain platform to track minerals in supply chain

IT giant IBM and tech firm MineHub Technologies have partnered to use blockchain technology to track high-value minerals across the supply chain.

Could the Ethereum Classic attack happen to other blockchain networks?

Late on Saturday evening, major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase detected an attack on the Etheruem Classic blockchain.

This robot delivery dog will hitch a ride in a driverless car to deliver your packages

German automotive manufacturing giant Continental AG has unveiled its solution to autonomously deliver packages to your front door: robot delivery dogs.

Astrocast announces three partners to pilot its IoT nanosatellite network

Nanosatellite startup Astrocast has announced three new pilot companies that will utilise its network of IoT cubesats.

Quora hack reaction: ‘No sector is safe’ as 100m users’ data stolen

Question and answer website Quora has suffered a data breach affecting more than 100 million of its users, prompting cybersecurity experts to comment that the Quora hack shows how no sector is safe from cyberattacks.

Who’s to blame in an autonomous car accident? A legal expert considers three scenarios

As car makers steam ahead in the driverless car race, lawmakers are being left in the dust – and one of the biggest grey areas is liability in the event of an autonomous car accident.