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Warby Parker, an eyewear company, is dedicated to minimizing its carbon emissions as it places a high priority on environmental responsibility. The company strives to operate efficient spaces, utilize resources responsibly, reduce waste, and limit its greenhouse gas footprint. With a commitment to offsetting its footprint, Warby Parker ensures neutrality across its operations. Demonstrating a sincere concern for its environmental impact, the company takes pride in maintaining carbon neutrality for operational emissions since its inception.

In 2022, the company's Gross GHG emissions across all scopes amounted to 49,160 tCO2e. Warby Parker is taking steps to reduce its emissions across all scopes by purchasing carbon offsets. In 2022, the company offset approximately 48% of its footprint.

Warby Parker's suppliers for acetate frames' manufacturing, along with the suppliers of acetate raw materials, hold ISCC certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification). Additionally, their certified supplier for nonprescription sun lenses utilizes a production process incorporating 39% bio-based raw materials, sourced from agricultural and lumber industry waste, resulting in a noteworthy 50% reduction in the carbon footprint compared to fully fossil-based manufacturing. Additionally, the company uses Eastman Acetate Renew, a bio-based acetate that produces 20% to 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional acetate. Warby Parker also emphasizes transparency in its sourcing practices and requires its factories to comply with local environmental laws.

In terms of maintaining sustainability in its office operations, Warby Parker has diverted 11,266 lbs from Nashville landfills since 2018, prevented 27,336 plastic bottles in 2022, and saved over 30,000 bottles through the Bevi partnership. Both offices use 100% compostable items. In 2022, the NYC HQ alone avoided 76,237 plastic bags, conserved 5,837 gallons of water, diverted 847 lbs of landfill waste, and preserved 16 trees.

In conclusion, Warby Parker is actively reducing its carbon footprint through initiatives such as recycling demo lenses and utilizing bio-based acetate, resulting in decreased greenhouse gas emissions. With partnerships involving certified suppliers and a commitment to transparent sourcing, the company is making significant strides in achieving emission reductions and maintaining sustainable operations. These efforts highlight Warby Parker's unwavering dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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