Hiring Trends in the Retail Industry

Hiring trends in the retail industry and of individual retail companies are a valuable source of intelligence for business professionals looking to understand the performance and outlook for the retail industry. The jobs dashboard provides insights into hiring trends and jobs activity. Readers can see which companies are posting the most jobs, themes evident in hiring activity and the 12-monthly trend in retail hiring.

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Job Analytics tracks daily job postings for companies globally. Hiring intentions is an excellent proxy for identifying trends and key signals at macro, sector, theme, and company level.

Retail industry jobs index vs. other industries (last 12 months)

The job analytics dashboard compares active retail industry jobs versus hiring trends in other industries over the past 12 months based on GlobalData’s Job Analytics database.

Retail industry job posting intensity map — last 12 months

The following job intensity map shows the intensity of retail industry job postings across countries in the last 12 months.

Retail industry jobs index — top 50 companies vs. remaining companies (last 12 months)

The job analytics dashboard compares retail industry job postings by top 50 companies versus remaining companies over the past 12 months.


Top ten retail companies by hiring intensity (last 12 months)

The following chart shows retail companies with most jobs active, posted and closed in the retail industry over the past 12 months

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