The Dubai Airport FreeZone Authority (DAFZA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Arab Union for Electronic Commerce (AFEC) to share knowledge and expertise in the digital economy and electronic e-commerce platforms.

The parties intend to collaborate in the preparation of joint studies and reports related to the Arab e-commerce market.

They will cooperate with Arab governments to develop and harmonise legislation and laws to facilitate the practice of electronic commerce, especially through freezones.

They will develop a cooperative framework for establishment of conferences and workshops related to e-commerce.

DAFZA assistant director general Nasser Al Madani said: “DAFZA recognises Dubai’s pivotal role in the e-commerce sector, being one of the leading hubs in this field.

“Following on our commitment to UAE Vision 2021’s goal of positioning the country among the world’s top investment destinations, we have partnered with AFEC to help build a knowledge and innovation-based economy and encourage investors in the e-commerce industry to adopt facilities and infrastructure for ensuring the safety and success of the industry, as well as promoting seamless e-commerce between businesses.”

“DAFZA recognises Dubai’s pivotal role in the e-commerce sector, being one of the leading hubs in this field."

AFEC vice-chairman Abdel Wahab Ghoneim said: “The Secretary General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity seeks to increase the volume of intra-Arab trade through e-commerce trans boundary.

“This is why we have sought to sign a MoU in conjunction with the digital economy conference, Seamless E-Commerce, with DAFZA, in view of its pivotal role in supporting and promoting economic growth at the local and regional levels.”

AFEC aims to address the challenges facing e-commerce in the Arab region, including the infrastructure and technology needed to activate e-commerce, as well as the development of general e-commerce guidelines.

Image: Officials at a meeting covened by Dubai Airport FreeZone Authority. Photo: courtesy of DAFZA.