US-based footwear and accessories retailer DSW has unveiled new strategic initiatives to strengthen its business and improve its market share.

The retailer intends to focus on improving customer experiences and operational execution, as well as distorting traditional assortment and enabling associate product knowledge.

The company plans to use its physical locations as warehouses for the shipping and receiving of digital demand and returns.

DSW CEO Roger Rawlins said: "At DSW, we see an opportunity to acquire market share as the retail industry consolidates."

"The ‘warehouses’ are expected to be redesigned to enable a 70% increase in units through vertical product showcasing."

"We're unlocking the power of the warehouse with a synchronised and efficient infrastructure that virtually connects with the customer at every point, making DSW the place to find any shoe.

"It's why we like to call our locations 'warehouses,' because more than half of our digital orders are fulfilled in-store, as opposed to in a traditional fulfilment centre."

Featuring pallet fixtures and flexible roller conveyors, the ‘warehouses’ are expected to be redesigned to enable a 70% increase in units through vertical product showcasing.

The retailer is also engaged in the development of a new store technology that is expected to enable associates to pursue improved engagement with customers, facilitating their discovery and decision-making."