CRM solutions provider Salesforce has launched new Commerce Cloud Einstein features that allow retailers to deliver personalised, AI-powered experiences for their shoppers.

The company has added a New Einstein Predictive Sort feature to its e-commerce platform, a tool that uses machine learning to personalise the order in which products are listed in search and category pages on e-commerce sites.

The feature uses order history and web behaviour to create a predictive model for each individual shopper, enabling the most relevant products to a shopper to be shown first in search results.

"Commerce Cloud Einstein accelerates this transformation by lowering the barriers of AI for every retailer."

Salesforce also added new order management features, mobile site reference architecture blueprints and Google Android Pay integration.

Commerce Cloud already offers services to more than 2,000 commerce sites in 53 countries.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud CEO Jeff Barnett said: "The connected consumer is rapidly disrupting retail, creating a new imperative for brands to deliver smarter, more personal shopping experiences everywhere.

"Commerce Cloud Einstein accelerates this transformation by lowering the barriers of AI for every retailer, empowering them to build consumer loyalty with every interaction and increase conversion across every channel."

The new order management feature provides retailers with algorithms that connect customer demand with inventory supply, regardless of the location of the customer or inventory.

Meanwhile, the new mobile site reference architecture provides a website blueprint that optimises the mobile shopping experience.

According to the company, the new Android Pay integration feature gives shoppers the convenience of quick, problem-free checkouts, while it allows merchants to benefit from a simple integration, improved mobile conversions, and the security of an Android Pay transaction.