Telecommunications services provider Sprint is planning to open 44 new retail stores in the south-west region of the US by the end of this year.

Under the expansion, the retailer is set to open the stores throughout Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and West Texas.

It will also provide 300 jobs that will cover multiple roles such as retail, operations and technical experts.

Sprint Mountain south-west regional president Greg Post said: “We are making an aggressive push to expand on the local level, making it easier for wireless shoppers to save with Sprint’s industry-leading value for unlimited data, talk and text.”

The company currently has a network of around 400 branded retail locations throughout the south-west region, with a workforce of more than 2,250 regional employees, including employees in Idaho and New Mexico.

“We are making an aggressive push to expand on the local level."

Meanwhile, Sprint is progressing with its network coverage improvement plan throughout the south-west, after recently enhancing speeds in Arizona and Las Vegas by 30%.

Sprint network regional vice-president Eamon O’Leary said: “Total wireless data usage has grown, on average, more than 760% over the last three years throughout the south-west region.

“Over the last five years, Sprint has invested well over $1.1bn throughout our Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and West Texas network, taking advantage of our available spectrum to add speed and capacity, ensuring consumers are able to enjoy their experience now and in the future as the demand for data continues to grow.”

Last month, the company declared plans to open 73 new retail locations across northern California and the Midwest.

Image: Sprint is expanding its retail presence in the south-west US by adding new stores and creating 300 new jobs. Photo: courtesy of Sprint.