Transformational Retail Technologies has partnered with Recoleta Partners to enable retailers to improve sales by personalising and digitally distributing promotions.

The alliance aims to distribute promotions in accordance with each shopper’s preferences.

Under the partnership, Transformational Retail will sell Recoleta’s Cognitive Retail Platform, a cloud-based software using big data analytics and a digitally driven omnichannel shopper engagement platform.

Recoleta Partners founder and CEO Alan Alexander said: “Recoleta’s personalised digital solution has been achieving impressive results in the marketplace; as it is helping retailers generate greater 'share-of-shopper'.”

Using the solution, shoppers will have access to retailer and CPG promotions such as personal offers, digital ads or flyers, coupons, frequent shopper pricing and temporary price reductions (TPR) through their email, smartphone or social media.

“Recoleta’s personalised digital solution has been achieving impressive results in the marketplace."

Transformational Retail noted that the Recoleta platform can be integrated with retailer’s existing loyalty, merchandising and point-of-sale systems to increase shopper loyalty, shopper visitations and profitable baskets.

Transformational Retail president and CEO Todd Michaud said: “The solution is an essential tool for retailers of all sizes looking to increase customer intimacy and demonstrate to shoppers that they are understood.”

Based in the US, Transformational Retail provides technologies that enable retailers to enhance revenues, profitability, customer service and operational efficiency.