American multinational direct sales company Tupperware Brands Corporation has opened its first-ever pop-up location in New York, US.

Named as TuppSoho, the store is located at 227 Mulberry Street in New York City. It will be open until 22 December.

The company has taken nearly 75 years to venture into brick-and-mortar retail, at least for a limited time.

Designed for all Tupperware customers, the TuppSoho store will feature products such as FridgeSmart containers and MicroPro Grill.

The store also encourages sustainability by selling items that promote waste reduction and lower the amount of single-use plastic.

Tupperware’s culinary team offer customers food and product demonstrations.

Tupperware Brands chief strategy and marketing officer Asha Gupta said: “The opening of TuppSoho marks a monumental point in our brand’s longstanding history. We are giving access to our brand like never before.

“Tupperware has been an important part of how people interact with their kitchen and their food for decades. In fact, we are a cultural touchstone and we’re embracing that now by opening our doors for more people to experience the magic and depth of Tupperware.”

Tupperware has also launched its redesigned website. The new site allows customers to shop products easily and connect with local ‘Tupperware Independent Representatives’.

Last week, the company announced that its chief executive Tricia Stitzel stepped down with immediate effect. Chris O’Leary was named as interim chief executive.

The company reported sales were down 14% compared to last year during the third quarter. Net income was $7.8m or $0.16 diluted per share compared with $39.1m and $0.79 the prior year.