Global footwear company Vivobarefoot has partnered with Oracle to support its transition to an e-commerce business model through Oracle NetSuite services.

The move by the footwear company is part of its plan to achieve a growth of £100m internationally over the next five years.

Leveraging NetSuite, the company can easily monitor and act on critical business data eliminating the complexity it had with the previous solutions.

“The innovation, intelligent leadership, and drive are what make Vivobarefoot special.”

Vivobarefoot operations director Damian Peat said: “NetSuite is the perfect complement to Vivobarefoot’s omnichannel approach, allowing us to sell through multiple channels and preparing us for the growth we expect over the coming years.”

NetSuite allows the firm to maintain control over its brand and customer experience, and track financials across its London store, online and franchises in Europe.

Leveraging the software solution, Vivobarefoot can also track and manage inventory of its 100 shoe lines produced each year across manufacturing facilities in Portugal, China and Ethiopia.

Oracle NetSuite EMEA vice-president Mark Woodhams said: “Innovative, fast-growing companies like Vivobarefoot that recognise a new market and capitalise on it quickly are exactly the types of businesses NetSuite has been supporting for nearly two decades.

“The innovation, intelligent leadership, and drive are what make Vivobarefoot special. By helping them meet their customers’ expectations and expand into new markets we are fulfilling our mission of helping our customer grow today and beyond.”

Based in London, the footwear brand offers a range of shoe collection for kids, off road, exercise and everyday wear.