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Cybersecurity breach pay: CEOs get pay rises following an attack while shareholders lose out

A study into cybersecurity breach pay has found that in the aftermath of a cyberattack, bosses are more likely to be given a pay rise.

Technology in digital transformation is “not a silver bullet” for success

The role of technology in digital transformation is often overplayed by decision makers, leading to poor outcomes, according to new research.

Cyberattack traffic climbed by a third in 2018

Cyberattack traffic increased significantly in 2018, according to research by F-Secure, but companies are struggling to detect incidents.

Ransomware drop as cybercriminals find better money in cryptojacking

2018 saw a significant and surprising ransomware drop as cybercriminals found better profits elsewhere, according to research published today by IBM X-Force.

Virtual reality market to be worth $44.7bn by 2024

The virtual reality market is set to be worth more than five times its current value within five years as more users invest in head-mounted displays (HMDs) to experience games and other entertainment.

Business malware attacks climbed 79% in 2018

The number of detections of malware impacting businesses has grown dramatically over the past year, suggesting business malware is producing the biggest benefits for cybercriminals.

Workplace stress epidemic: 64% of UK employees struggling

Employees in the UK are struggling with a workplace stress epidemic, with 64% suffering with poor or below average mental wellbeing. The news comes as International Stress Awareness Week begins, highlighting the need for action from British employees.

Tim Berners-Lee unveils plan to ‘fix the web’

The creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, has unveiled a “contract” to fix the web so that not only are issues including fake news and cyberwarfare are tackled, but that the half of the world not currently online can gain access.

Human-level intelligent machines will arrive in a decade: Technology industry veteran

Human-level intelligent machines are just a decade away, according to a leading technology expert and former rocket scientists.

51% of businesses couldn’t cope with a data breach

As data is becoming digitised, protecting from a data breach it is becoming an essential task for companies. Data not only has a high monetary value but is essential to the day-to-day running of companies.