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Priya Kantaria

Self-driving cars have miles to go before they reach full autonomy, says watchdog

Car companies are testing robot cars on Californian public roads, and reports to the DMV show human intervention is needed on average every 14 miles.

Can automation deliver the utopian dream of a shorter working week?

The five-day working week may become a footnote in our history of industrialisation, like child chimney sweeps once common in the UK.

The future of IoT: Greater benefits come with greater risks

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes a world of internet-connected devices, from aircraft to fridges, and including cars and medical apparatus. The theory is that an aeroplane will be able to detect a fault in its engine mid-flight and automatically radio ahead to order spare parts without human involvement. A fridge will be able to detect when it is low on milk and order more while the householder sleeps. A person will be forewarned of an imminent heart attack by their smartphone without an examination from a doctor.

5G dangers: “New networks will bring with them a host of new security concerns”

5G has the potential to be benefitical to both businesses and users, but it also comes with its own risks. We hear from experts about the key 5G dangers.

50 million tonnes of e-waste could triple by 2050

$62.5bn is lost in 50 million tonnes of electronic waste a year, but tech can help the process of dematerialisation, changing physical assets to electronic.

Cricket protein crisps: Changing food culture, one bug bear at a time

“The interesting thing about crickets is that with animals you can only eat a small percentage of them, but with crickets, there are benefits in the whole thing – you can eat it whole.”

Top ten influencers in blockchain

GlobalData researchers have found the top influencers in blockchain, based on their performance and engagement online in the past 90 days.

Quantum computing comes to energy with ExxonMobil IBM partnership

Quantum computing will help the American oil and gas company solve computationally challenging problems.

L’Oreal’s wearable pH sensor brings technology to skincare

People with skincare conditions like dryness, eczema, and atopic dermatitis will benefit from L’Oreal’s first wearable skin pH sensor.