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Rankings 2022

  • DIVERSITY – Commended
  • FINANCING – Commended
  • PRODUCT LAUNCHES – Commended
  • SOCIAL – Commended

Retail Insight Network Excellence Awards and Rankings 2022 – The Verdict

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company that is ranked for Business Expansion, Diversity, Financing, Product Launches and Social in the 2022 Retail Insight Network Excellence Rankings.

Flipkart has been driving growth in India’s e-commerce sector in several ways. The company has been raising funds to the tune of $3.6bn, with companies such as Walmart, GIC, CPP Investments and SoftBank all contributing to the online retailer’s expansion plans. The Indian giant has also been collaborating with Dabur India to expand Dabur’s product portfolio with a new line of premium shampoos called Dabur Vatika Select. 

Flipkart has been supporting rural communities in India by investing in local supply chain platform Ninjacart

Flipcart has enhanced competition in the retail sector by automating its operations and delivery systems. The company has recently launched a grocery app and a payment feature based on QR codes. 

In terms of socially oriented projects, Flipkart has been supporting rural communities in India by investing in local supply chain platform Ninjacart. The move has strengthened Filipcart’s position in its domestic market at a time when supply chain issues are becoming a major issue for the retail industry.

The company has also made efforts to improve diversity in its supply chain by launching a delivery hub operated by disabled people.


Flipkart, a subsidiary of Walmart Inc, is an electronic commerce company. The company’s various retail product categories include electronics, footwear, clothing, watches, accessories, bags, belts and wallets, fragrances, perfumes, grooming and wellness products, beauty, personal care products and jewelry. It also provides sunglasses, toys, baby care products, home products and furniture, books and media products, fitness products, stationery, and auto and sports goods among others. 

Flipkart’s payment services include cash on delivery, online payment, and easy monthly installment (EMI) options. It also offers shipping, cancellation and returns and other services. 

The company provides its services through its online website and mobile applications. Flipkart is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.