Sportswear retailer Adidas and technology start-up eyecandylab and have partnered to pilot an augmented reality (AR) retail experience during the 2019 holiday shopping season.

The pilot project has been launched at the Adidas flagship store in Champs Elysees, Paris.

eyecandylab, in collaboration with Adidas and the French creative agency MONOCHROME, has developed an app called ‘For the Oceans.’

The partnership uses the existing digital video screens in the store to increase awareness of sustainably manufactured Adidas products, such as its use of recycled ocean plastic waste.

eyecandylab CEO Robin Sho Moser said: “Through our cooperation with Adidas, we again demonstrate how AR is disrupting a wide range of areas and how our technology plays a key role. AR is very effective as a medium for storytelling because it completely integrates the user.

“Our project not only serves to position Adidas as an innovator but also highlights the company’s environmental and sustainability activities. These are two important aspects that come together.”

To discover the AR retail experience, customers can install the Adidas app and use a smartphone in front of the project screen. Customers will find themselves in an ‘AR Ocean World’ and understand the effects of consumption and plastic usage on Earth.

This move is a part of the retailer’s Platform A initiative.

Adidas innovation and trends senior manager Florian Fiedler said: “It is important to us to make the innovations of our brand a tangible experience for our customers.

“Therefore, we always try to find interesting options on how to present our brand in a way that is relevant to our customers. This is proven once again through the cooperation with eyecandylab and the resulting use of Augmented Reality.”