UAE’s fuel convenience retailer Adnoc Distribution has launched Abu Dhabi’s first ‘walk out’, contactless and cashier-less Oasis store.

The store features an advanced cashless and contactless payment system, as well as AI technology to provide improved shopping experience.

Store shelves are equipped with an electronic LED screen to digitally display prices, updated promotions and offers in real-time.

Adnoc Oasis also leverages advanced technology through weight sensors on shelves to track the customers’ shopping accurately.

Customers will have to tap in via a bank card, Emirates ID, or scan the QR code, collect the required items and leave the store.

They need not have to wait in queues or look for staff to become free. At the new store, items need no scanning, unlike self-service terminals that are currently available in retail outlets.

As a family, customers can enter the store using a single QR code, and items picked by them will be added to a single virtual basket.

Payment will be made after customers leave through the app or the bank card used when entering the store.

Adnoc Distribution CEO Bader Saeed Al Lamki said: “Our enhanced Adnoc Oasis store is set to revolutionise how we shop. It makes the experience easier, faster and more convenient than ever before.”

In addition to offering essentials and additional items, Adnoc Go stores offer fresh coffee and food.

The company opened the first concept store at Sheikh Khalifa Energy Complex.

In January 2018, Amazon launched its checkout-free grocery store, Amazon Go, in the US.