Demand and supply chain planning company AGR Dynamics has announced plans to launch its new end-to-end retail solution, Retail Dynamics, next year.

The new solution will be unveiled at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show event in January 2020.

Retail Dynamics is an integrated, modular merchandise planning solution with modules designed to be able to manage retail processes, such as planning, assortment and inventory.

AGR Dynamics merchandising solutions vice president Iain Nicol said: “Retail Dynamics is a game-changer for retailers who need to break free from the complexity of spreadsheet-based planning, and we are looking forward to introducing it at one of the Retail industry’s best-attended shows.”

AGR Planning features ‘top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out planning,’ ‘financial and open-to-buy budgets,’ as well as location grading to department level.

AGR Assortment allows the retailer to offer what the customer wants, including when and how.  This helps keep all retail channels aligned and provides tailored assortments based on attributes and location clustering.

Last month, AGR Dynamics added new machine learning capabilities within the AGR inventory module. The new capabilities are expected to assist retailers with product promotions optimisation and enhanced demand forecasting.

Using all the modules, Retail Dynamics will help retailers manage high-level department planning, product selection, ordering, allocation, replenishment, in-season monitoring and product end-of-life management.

AGR Dynamics serves more than 170 clients across the globe, including North America, Scandinavia, the UK and France.