Ally Fashion, a Sydney-based fashion retailer with 145-store footprint, has teamed up with ecommerce AI provider, Particular Audience to boost online experience for customers.

Particular Audience is claimed to offer a unique platform that can adapt each product list on an ecommerce site from search results to merchandise pages and product recommendations, so that each product tile becomes dynamic to shopper intent and preference.

The ecommerce AI firm has made cumbersome and manual tasks such as merchandising automated with the use of machine learning.

Ally Fashion, which has been continuing 18-months of digital focus, offers clothing for women.

The retailer’s head of ecommerce Alina Timofeeva has been leading the digital advancement, as it aims to be at the forefront of digital both in Australia and internationally.

Ally Fashion teamed up with Particular Audience to bring a dynamic AI layer on top of its ecommerce platform.

Timofeeva said: “Particular Audience will be an important part of our growth trajectory”.

With this partnership, Ally Fashion aims to achieve reduction in item return rate, and reduce the customers’ carbon footprint.

Nielsen Varoy of  Particular Audience, who heads up the Ally Fashion partnership, said: “Computer vision driven discovery tools on Ally compliment behavioural data and product metadata to infer similarity between items, making for a more human browsing experience.

“When delivering the latest fashion trends to their global customer base, Ally encounters barriers to item discovery from the cold-start problem, exacerbating long-tail inventory i.e. stock that sells less often. Computer vision is a powerful solution to this without waiting for items to gain popularity to get impressions.”

Based in Syndey, Particular Audience has offices in Vancouver and London. It operates SaaS technologies for retailers and retail technologies for consumers under brand.