Business-to-business (B2B) beauty technology firm Landing International has collaborated with ClearForMe to establish a more transparent and inclusive space for beauty shoppers in retail.

The two will integrate their respective technologies to help their customers discover and support various brands.

The technological integration is powered by ClearForMe’s Clickable Ingredients technology and its database of more than 1.8 million ingredients. This database provides user-friendly ingredient education, as well as enhanced search capabilities and filters for customers.

Retail beauty advisors are able to discover products based on different ingredients, leveraging Landing International’s first rewards-based training mobile app BeautyFluent which was launched in 2022.

Beauty advisors are also able to use these technologies to easily guide customers to the required products with the right ingredients to match their demands and interests

The partners are also planning to use each other’s customer base in the B2B beauty tech space.

The collaboration is expected to commence later this month.

ClearForMe CEO and founder Sabrina Noorani said: “ClearForMe’s partnership with Landing International allows us to pave a new path for ingredient transparency while also embracing our shared mission to advance ingredient education for all partners in the industry.

“Our collaboration with Landing International and the BeautyFluent app is a way to meet beauty advisors and brands where they are using a technology that is already deeply woven into the day to day of both stakeholders.”

ClearForMe is currently working with more than 375 partners, such as Credo Beauty, Ulta, Proudly and Mario Badescu, to boost average order values for brands and retailers that have underperformed in stores.