US-based digital marketing agency Bell Media has acquired Carted , an online shopping services provider for independent grocers.

Carted specialises in developing tools that feature three layers of marketing product for independent grocers, which earlier were mainly appreciated by larger chains.

Bell Media CEO Scott Bell said: “We’re very pleased about completing this acquisition and look forward to growing the vertical.

“After taking a close look at Carted and all it has to offer, we became certain that their solution filled a gap desperately needed for independent grocers to be more competitive in the marketplace.

“We found a real fit with Bell Media during our discussions about Carted.”

“We are looking forward to serving the grocery industry with such a robust offering that helps them keep up with customer demands in a quickly evolving market space.”

Additionally, Carted provides an online grocery shopping website solution, where customers have the option to purchase and pay for the products available on the website, as well as digital marketing services such as media, email marketing, and advanced geo-fence targeting.

Carted co-founder Kevin McLendon said: “We found a real fit with Bell Media during our discussions about Carted.  They understand the vision and we feel they’ll be able to take what we’ve built and expand it far beyond the 60+ independent grocery stores we already serve.”

Financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed by the companies.