US-based rapid delivery start-up Buyk is continuing its expansion in New York City by launching its grocery service in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Introduced in Manhattan in September, the company delivers grocery items and other household essentials within 15 minutes.

Buyk combines its patented technological stack with a network of strategically located dark stores to make its delivery service faster.

Customers can order products from international brands and local favourites through the Buyk app.

The expansion brings the company’s number of dark stores to 20, including the six dark stores that it operates in Manhattan.

Buyk co-founder Slava Bocharov said: “We all know how New Yorkers value their time – it is the single most precious commodity in this fast-paced metropolis.

“So it is essential that we expand our service to people across the city as quickly as possible, letting all New Yorkers experience the convenience of our 15 minutes delivery.”

As part of its expansion plan for this year, Buyk initially plans to enter New York City’s five boroughs, later expanding to the US’ other major metropolitan areas.

Bocharov added: “In just two months, Buyk has seen growth that has taken other players in the sector around a year to achieve.

“However, this is just the beginning of our journey towards making Buyk the go-to name in grocery.

“We see huge potential for future growth in the ultrafast sector, as online channels continue to represent just a small share of the total grocery market, and Buyk intends to lead the way in this transition from offline to online.”

Ahead of its Manhattan launch in September, Buyk raised $46m in a funding round led by CM Ventures, Fort Ross, Citius and other investors.

The company is led by Bocharov and co-founder Rodion Shishkov, who previously co-founded and ran European grocery delivery service Samokat.