Retail technology company Caper has deployed its AI-powered shopping cart at Canadian food retailer Sobeys’ Ontario store.

The technology has been deployed at Sobeys’ 41,000ft² Glen Abbey store in Oakville.

This initiative is part of Sobeys’ digital approach to grocery shopping.

Caper Smart Carts streamlines shopping experience by enabling shoppers to skip checkout lines. It also offers an interactive screen, nearby deals, personalised recommendations, and recipes.

The carts seamlessly fit into the existing retail operations without requiring any additional infrastructure or operational renovation.

Furthermore, as the technology can be scaled quickly, it will be beneficial for grocers with hundreds of locations.

Sobeys retail support vice-president Mathieu Lacoursiere said: “We’re constantly looking for new ways to evolve the grocery shopping experience.

“Through our analysis of future retail trends, we are extremely excited to work with Caper. The Caper carts will enhance our customers’ shopping experience and give our in-store teammates more time to engage with customers over products and new foods.”

The technology is claimed to have also proved improved the checkout process at New York-based supermarket Foodcellar & Co., where it was deployed earlier this year.

Caper claimed that its plug-and-play Smart Cart enables swift automated checkout with minimal disruption.

Caper co-founder and chief business officer Ahmed Beshry said: “Our teams have worked hand-in-hand to bring this initial deployment from concept to live operation in less than six months.

“Sobeys’ mission aligns with Caper’s customer-centric belief: make shopping magic. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as a partner.”

Last month, Caper raised $10m through Series A funding round that was led by venture capital firm Lux Capital. This funding is to support its expansion plan.