Luxury women’s apparel house Carlisle Etcetera has received a $12.5m senior secured credit facility from US-based finance company Second Avenue Capital Partners (SACP).

SACP president Chris O’Connor noted that the company and his team offered the financing based on Carlisle Etcetera’s business model.

O’Connor said: “We knew how to unlock the value Carlisle Etcetera needed from a lender. We put together a package that provides flexibility and supports the business’ continued success.”

The fashion brand currently operates six outlets and five showrooms in premium retail destinations.

Carlisle Etcetera CEO David Rosenberg said: “In Second Avenue Capital we found a lender who took the time to get to know us and really understands the needs of our business.

“Our stylist driven selling model is an important differentiator for our business. We needed a lender that could understand this model and lend aggressively on the inventory in this channel as well as our brick and mortar locations.”

In May 2015, Hong Kong-headquartered Royal Spirit Group bought the remaining 50% stake in Carlisle from US-based manufacturer and retailer of custom men’s clothing Tom James Company.