Comepay’s wholly-owned subsidiary Chek-Online has developed a full-featured version of its new mobile platform to help small businesses in making online purchases and delivery.

The new platform is currently available for iOS and Android versions. Customers can access all retail outlets, which are using the company’s Cassatka online cash terminals, to explore products, compare prices, receive discounts and place orders through card payments.

Merchants will receive a notification for the online order on their Cassatka smart terminal and will process the order for delivery.

The platform will use built-in accounting system to feature the details of the products. It also allows business owners to update their back-end system to offer details, such as products for sale, number of units in stock, price and available discounts to customers.

“The possibilities for a highly functional user app in this space are endless.”

According to the company, the platform is developed to bridge the gap between the seller and the buyer by creating a comfortable environment for online transactions.

It is also expected to drive potential customers to mobile storefronts and encourage online trade.

Comepay president Felix Naff said: “As mobile commerce continues to become more convenient and more functional, we expect to see other sales categories in Russia to adapt restaurants and small retail outlets.

“The possibilities for a highly functional user app in this space are endless. Functions including simple online ordering from our favourite local shops, and ultimately including targeted advertising based on account geolocation and other known customer preferences are exciting options to expand our user base.”

In addition, the platform is currently offering products from more than 20,000 individual businesses across Russia, which are currently processing payments using the company’s Cassatka online cash registers.

Chek-Online is planning to introduce the platform into the market by May next year.