Australian retailer Coles has confirmed that its historical customer credit card information has been stolen by a cybercriminal group.

Coles was alerted about this matter by its former service provider Latitude Financial Services.

The latest incident is the result of a cyberattack on Latitude that has reportedly impacted several existing, former and applicant customers across Australia and New Zealand.

The financial services company reported this data breach in March 2023.

The supermarket giant has not been advised by Latitude of the exact number of customers impacted by this incident.

Coles stated that Latitude has also not disclosed other related details of this data breach incident. However, the financial services company is directly contacting the involved customers.

In a report, claimed that information such as names, addresses, drivers’ licence numbers, dates of birth, and passport numbers have been compromised in the cyberattack incident.

In March 2018, Coles Financial Services shifted its credit cards to Citibank.

In its media release, Coles said: “We are disappointed that this cyber incident has taken place and apologise for the inconvenience and uncertainty created.”

Latitude said it is currently taking several measures to support the affected customers and alert them about the kind of information or personal detail that has been stolen.

The firm has also set up a contact centre to support impacted individuals across Australia and New Zealand. The company further assured that it will reimburse the affected customers if they need to replace any stolen ID document.

A team of case managers from Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service IDCARE have also been engaged to work closely with involved customers and advise them on related concerns.