A strategic partnership has been reached between China’s Dada Group, e-commerce retailer JD.com and South Korean cosmetics brand Innisfree.

Dada is a platform of local on-demand retail and delivery. It operates two platforms, JDDJ and Dada Now.

JDDJ is an on-demand retail platform for retailers and brand owners, and Dada Now is an on-demand delivery platform for merchants and individual senders.

Under the terms of the partnership, Innisfree will leverage Dada’s JDDJ platform to transform its logistical and order fulfilment capabilities including product management, digital marketing, user operation and fulfilment optimisation.

The beauty brand’s customers will also have access to Dada Now’s one-hour delivery service.

Innisfree will join JD’s Omni-Channel Program and integrate its offline store inventory with the former’s online inventory.

Innisfree customers will have access to the company’s products, including facial cleansers, essence, masks and sunscreens on JD’s app.

More than 230 Innisfree stores are currently integrated into JDDJ’s platform.

JDDJ fashion and digital electronics business department general manager Guangsen Mou said: “The era of micro e-commerce has arrived.

“One-hour delivery is no longer an outlier, but the standard.

“This partnership will support Innisfree in achieving significant sales growth while co-creating an effective on-demand retail model for beauty brands.”

The JDDJ platform currently partners with various beauty brands, including Watsons, Mannings, and Gialen, and operates more than 3,400 offline beauty stores.