UAE omnichannel retailer Danube Home has selected global martech platform Netcore for marketing automation and customer experience delivery.

As part of this, Netcore’s AI-powered Automation platform will enable Danube Home to deliver “coherent user experience” via automated and personalised campaigns across all customer touchpoints.

Danube Home has a portfolio of more than 50,000 products across interior furniture and home décor, garden furniture, and more categories.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the retailer launched its new online shopping platform in response to changing consumer behaviour from physical store-buying to online purchasing.

Speaking of the development, Danube Homes general manager Syed Habib said: “Retail is ushering in the next wave of customer engagement, and we believe that delivering consistent omnichannel campaigns is the secret sauce for any successful engagement and retention strategy.

“With Netcore, we aim to understand the user journey, find ways to drive engagement and identify opportunities to cross-sell and upsell. We hope to astronomically scale our online user growth and retention.”

Netcore’s AI-powered platform will provide a 360-degree view of each customer profile.

In August, Malaysian e-commerce retailer PG Mall selected Netcore’s Smartech to power its multi-channel marketing automation and engagement campaigns.

Netcore international business Abithab Bhaskar said: “Our expertise with similar challenges in the industry positions us to be the best-suited platform and team to not just navigate those challenges, rather use them as a lever to expedite a comprehensive customer engagement strategy.”