Carrefour has joined IBM Food Trust to improve traceability and operational efficiency.

Carrefour is a multi-national retailer based in France, while IBM is a blockchain-based Cloud network of IBM based in the US.

IBM Food Trusts’ Cloud network offers participating retailers, suppliers, growers and providers with data from across the food industry to enable traceability, transparency and efficiency.

The retailer intends to implement the solution to all of its brands globally.

Zero Effort Technologies Private has raised Rs210m ($2.83m) through a venture funding round led by FJ Labs.

The funding round has also involved participation from Sequoia Capital and Helion Venture Partners.

Based in India, Zero Effort Technologies is an operator of GoZefo, which is a marketplace for selling and buying used furniture and appliances.

“Casino Group has acquired 12 supermarkets of Quattrucci Group.”

FJ Labs is an investment firm based in the US.

Xi Xiang has secured CNY120m ($17.33m) through a series B funding round led by Silicon Paradise and Zhongjin Capital Management.

Xi Xiang is a fast food franchise that targets the lunchbox market, while Silicon Paradise is a venture capital firm.

All the companies involved in the transaction are based in China.

Shanghai Wen Jia Industrial (Xqiao) has raised an undisclosed amount through a Series B+ funding round led by Harvest Investments.

The funding round also involved participation from Future Capital and Aplus Capital.

Xqiao is a treadmill maniufacturer, while Harvest Investments, Future Capital and Aplus Capital are venture capital firms.

All the companies involved in the transaction are based in China.

Casino Group has acquired 12 supermarkets of Quattrucci Group.

Based in France, Casino is a mass-retail group, while Quattrucci Group is a family-owned retailer.

The expansion will enable Casino to expand its network in the Ile-de-France and Oise regions of France.

Casino will supply fresh produce to the 12 stores from 1 January 2019. It will run seven stores under its Marché Frais Géant brand and the remaining five stores under the Marché Frais Leader Price brand.