Logistic and supply chain company Delhivery has announced a strategic investment in Vinculum Solutions, a provider of software as a service (SaaS) that enables omnichannel retailing.

As part of the agreement, Delhivery will acquire 10.94% equity shares of Vinculum Solutions for Rs72.54 ($0.88) per equity share.

Vinculum’s software suite includes Vin eRetail OMS, a cloud-based, multi-channel / omnichannel order management system and Vin eRetail WMS.

Vin eRetail WMS is used for automating warehouses and fulfilling drop ship orders for brands and B2C and B2B orders for 3PLs, marketplaces, distributors and retailers.

The company operates in India, Singapore, the Middle East and the US. Based on audited, consolidated financials, it reported a turnover of Rs446.3m ($5.38m) in fiscal year 2022.

Following the investment, Delhivery plans to jointly develop product capabilities specific to the direct-to-consumer segment.

The investment is scheduled to be completed by 30 June 2023.

Vinculum Group founder and CEO Venkat Nott was quoted by Maeeshat as saying: “We are delighted with the investment to be made by Delhivery in Vinculum. This lays the foundation for deep tech integration between both companies, tremendous collaboration opportunities and immense business value for our customers.”

The initial investment is reportedly the first of a potential two-stage deal.

After six months, the deal will enable Delhivery to strengthen its shareholdings in Vinculum.

Delhivery supply chain solutions head Rajaganesh S said: “A strategic partnership with Vinculum strengthens Delhivery’s fulfilment solution to brands.”