Green Market Store has ventured into e-commerce space with the launch of the new online store.

The new store offers products across different categories, including food and supplements, beauty, health and wellness, baby care and household to online shoppers.

Food and supplement products available on the online website include spices, sauces, breakfast cereals, nutrition bars and healthy chocolates.

"I want consumers to be educated about the products they buy."

Baby care products available include baby food, formulas, diapers, body care in addition to green toys and utensils for kids.

Other products that are made available are homoeopathic cold remedies, bath salts, lotions, fragrances, herbal tea blends, cleaners, water filtration devices, compostable food waste bags and disposable cornstarch utensils.

Green Market Store owner Kimley Armour said: “I want consumers to be educated about the products they buy. Many people do not know how toxic and potentially dangerous a lot of the products on the market are today.

“My goal is to empower people to make healthier shopping decisions by giving them both relevant, accurate information and a shopping platform with holistic values and exceptional products.”

The online retailer is also offering a buy in bulk option to customers and businesses, under which products are sold at discounted prices.

A safe check-out process through PayPal is available for customers who use the buy-in-bulk option on the online store.