Swedish fashion retailer Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) is supporting its suppliers in implementing improved wage management systems in textile factories globally.

The company has taken this decision to enable all the textile factories producing for the H&M group to create a better work environment and fairer wages, in a bid to motivate employees.

As part of this initiative, Turkey-based manufacturer and supplier of H&M Ekpen Tekstil has joined the clothing retailer’s initiative to strengthen wage management systems and improve workplace dialogue.

Located in Denizli, it has worked with a local team of the clothing retailer to enhance their wage management system. The facility currently has 200 employees.

“Our work is about making it possible for textile factories to be good employers.”

H&M group sustainability manager Julia Bakutis said: “Our work is about making it possible for textile factories to be good employers.

“The steps taken by Ekpen Tekstil to implement wage management systems taking employees’ individual skills, education and experience into account, supported by open and constructive communication, contribute to a more positive work environment. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

The retailer is also working with other textile factories to offer their employees skill development and create a better work environment.

The company is also working to train suppliers on how to implement wage management systems in ten production countries, namely Turkey, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Pakistan.